Cellar “Angioletto”

The "Angel" is located in via Asylum behind the Church of San Bernardino di Villatico, It is completely underground and placed under the House that was Mrs. Caldwell Amelia in Davies. Entering from bottom of the Asylum Court there is the access door to the wine cellar which is reached through a tunnel in about ten metres long stones with "pebble", the vaulted ceiling is therefore completely and thoroughly basement, Consequently, very cool. The Winery is currently owned by brothers Palmer Dante and Alena who have inherited from mom Catherine Wells said Rina and by Guido Pedrazzini Angelo said father Angel, which they acquired from the heirs of whites Bazzi Renato in turn son of Bakhshi Bazzi Tomaso. The winery's name derives from recent owner Guido Pedrazzini said Angel Angel, well known in the country for having played the cobbler in the shop located on the ground floor of his house located inside of the Court from which you can access to the cellar, Angel was selling shoes in his store and in the back shop laboratory performed repairs, very often the guys went to him when they had to repair a punctured bicycle tire and needed to stick with the classic piece of mastic gum. Sotto l’arco tuttora esistente all’ingresso della corte c’era un cancello in ferro che definiva l’accesso alla proprietà costituita da un lotto unico e precisamente dalla vecchia casa padronale e da alcune stalle vicine al servizio dei contadini. Above the cellar there was osteria which accessed with a ladder leading from the wall to the right of the door of the cellar "Angel", the Tavern has exercised the activity until about 1955 before moving to a building further upstream which has direct access from the current alley Mulin, Subsequently the building where there was the tavern was used as a residential house of the family of Caldwell Amelia in Davies. In the 1920s came to Colico Beterramiti friars who stayed for a period from 1928 Al 1931 inside the Manor House on the Court rendered the cellar, the brothers were accompanied by a group of seminarians and in those years began the construction of the old part of Sacred Heart College. The cellar was used primarily for seasoning and wine storage, He is currently little used but is still in an excellent state of preservation.