Cellar “Arno/Tino”

The Cellars "Arno" and "Tino" consist of two separate rooms because currently two different properties.
The part called "Arno"is located on the ground floor and consists of a cantinello basement with a large room with direct access to the Court, the part called "Tino"is located in the basement with external access from the Street through a staircase next to the building.
The winery "Arno" named after Baptiste Arno commonly called and known as "Set" until the owner 2009 before leaving the property to his family, his wife S Agostina with sons Alfonsina and Mauro (and he still called "Set"). Arno was called by all "Set" because he was so skinny (like a nail) they all started calling it "Seteti" (m as seven ounces) for poicontinuare to call "Set" briefly. The winery has always been owned by the family Banerji, even before Baptiste Alfonso Arno and dad before ownership of some family relatives Branchini said commonly "Čilipi".
The cantinello was used for the bottling of wine and there was also an old press, later in the small room were kept even while meats and cheeses in the adjacent room lived the family of Baptiste Alfonso using local like cuisine. "Tino" cellar originally and up per year 1864 was owned by Vincenzo Bellatti, great-grandfather of the current owner Bellatti Graziano said commonly "Tino"; She was subsequently inherited by Bellatti Antonio (Tino's grandfather) up to the year 1932 then move on to Bellatti Silvio Tino's son and dad until 1966; It is currently owned by the son and as you could see that the winery has always been owned by the family Bellatti. In 1944 It was used by partisans as a refuge and hiding place or, the stairway was covered by trunks between which there was a small compartment covered access from the bundles of wood that were easily removed when it was necessary to quickly access the refuge place in the basement.
From 1972 no longer used, or when the owner no longer has cultivated the vineyard for the production of wine which in previous years was held in the same Winery. Currently needs some maintenance work for the event "Colico Winery" will be rebuilt the stairway by restoring the original stone steps, kept by owner, and protective to demarcation of the stairwell.
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