Cellar “Bizzanel”

The wine cellar "Bizzanel" is located in the historic village of Villatico, in the basement of a building on a Court rendered accessed from Asylum Street, the road that connects the church square to the historic town centre fountain. The Winery is currently owned by Mrs Seregni Gabriella who has acquired by his uncle Carlo Seregni and other co-owners. The winery's name derives from the fact that the basement and the overlying premises were occupied for several years by Emilio Bizzanelli said commonly by all "Bizzanel". The "Bizzanel" was a man with obvious vision problems, only for a short time was able to recognize fatigue some shade, in the last period of his life was unfortunately completely blind. It lived alone in a ground floor room where "supermarkets" to cook something and had a bed to rest, when needed the bathroom went into a latrine near the House of the Lady Rose. Recognized people from the steps and was pleased when it came to the current owner Seregni Gabriella. Blindness prevented unfortunately "Bizzanel" to work, the only work he could perform was to tie the cobs of corn (the "carloni") with the "selesc" (Willow home), in the afternoon and in the evening she loved to sing in the company of neighbors on the bench in the Court. During the day he used to go a couple of times at the osteria dei "Gervas" to classic drinking Goblet, Although the blind "Bizzanel" knew the road ran with the "Magnolia" and following the wall that skirted the way, also in the House was moving pretty well and the Court fulfilled counting the steps and remembering of fixed points. When the "Bizzanel" became totally blind Gabriella's father, Seregni Aldo, shut down the stairwell that from the local homeowner at ground floor down to the basement, that's because for an elderly person and in those conditions was the first and principal danger. Very curious fact happened in that time when some neighbors began maintenance work della pergola covering the entire Court, before removing the old support posts of the pergola positioned new ones including one at one point that the "Bizzanel" could not see and know, He went immediately to bump into the new post to then fall to Earth. The "Bizzanel" lived in Villatico until the late 1970s, for their medical condition was transferred, through the municipality, in a shelter in Brianza, where he spent the last years of his life. Currently the winery "Bizzanel" is still in good condition although it needs some maintenance work.

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