Cellar “Bregamin 1°”

The wine cellar "Bregamin 1" consists of a large room in the basement of an old building located in via Fontana, the building is located in a private courtyard from which you access, using a stone staircase, the cellar. The winery "Bregamin 1" has always been family owned and passed down from parent to child, It takes its name from the man who was one of the owners or Martino and commonly called Combi known by all as "Bregamin". The Winery is currently the property of Lord Cairns Sonia and Valeria, daughters of recently deceased and Patrick Cairns known by all as "Galicia". Cairns Gallacher inherited the winery from mom that Letizia Combi turn was daughter of Combi Martino as mentioned called "Bregamin". As someone reminds us "less young" of Villatico, the "Bregamin" was a man of small stature a bit ingobbito around the country with a "Magnolia" (stick), It always brought with it a handbag of cloth he used to fetch the wine in the cellar concerned. The "Bregamin" lived with his sister ("Bregamina") in a house near the Roggia above the "mill building" South of dairy, every day he went with Magnolia and handbag to take the wine to cellar, even today the area where "was Villatico Bregamin" is commonly known as "Bregamin country". The buildings with cellars were once surrounded by lots of vines producing wine that was stored in the cellars. Currently the Winery is still in good condition although little used, Cairns Gallacher said "Galicia" has always used and kept the cellar with extreme care and dedication.

Bregamin 1°