Cellar “Bregamin 2°”

The wine cellar "Bregamin 2" consists of a large room basement of an old building recently renovated site in via Fontana, the property is located in a private courtyard which is reached directly from the Fountain on the corner with via san Rocco. Currently the Winery is owned by Giampaolo Bettiga (said Sheree), Combi's son Neil in turn daughter of Giacomo Combi Combi son John. In fact the wine cellar "Bregamin 2" was never a real wine cellar but has always been used as stables for goats, cows and pigs, with the above used as barn. The building has been completely renovated but the currently used as a local winery has been maintained and preserved as a time, vaulted ceiling and stone walls, before the start of the renovation of the building's brother Bailey Gallegos used to shelter their own goats. As reported by some Villatichese already interested in the history of their country, We can say that the term "Bregamin", very well known in the country and related to people and places, derived from the term "Bagley" and a bit "raw" Bergamaia, i.e. peasants who practiced transhumance, the migration, moving animals in mountain resorts (German berg – mountain). Currently the Winery is in excellent condition and fully furnished with new flooring in sods, the restaurant is ready for "colonic 2013 cellar" thanks to the great work done by some volunteers for the same event last year.

Bregamin 2