Cellar “Cotega”

The wine cellar "Cotega" consists of three wineries in the basement of buildings residential site always in via San Rocco, the property is located in a private courtyard from which you access the stairwell leading down to the cellars, access to the stairwell can be done even from neighboring walkway at the back of the same stairwell. Access is in stone with stone steps to the testimony of all the years since its creation, the building restored while keeping intact the original features,. Going down the ladder at the end of the ramp is the first winery which is owned by Mrs. Antonella which purchased from Mazzina Angelo son of the famous Mazzina Guido who bought it from Pagani Palmira; The second winery is owned Bellatti who have inherited it from Mazzina mother Maria Lidia died recently but very known in Colichese, Lidia inherited the winery from his father Mazzina Martino, before him Achille Lusardi and Renzo had cellar brothers "Colombei" which do not have the precise general; the third is a Cantinello placed in front of the hill of the property stairs of Mr.. Carlo, who bought the winery from Donhauser Berta mother who had the cellar from Mazzina family Livio said "Stefanei". Currently the wineries are in excellent condition thanks to the great work done by the volunteers who last year has managed to best placing all three wineries, in the first winery has even resurfaced a floor in stone with drains perfectly carved in stone. Although still excellent long cellars are no longer used, Once they were used mainly to wine maturing, cheese and salami. The name comes from the fact of the cellars in the building above and in surrounding municipalities around the court most likely resided family "Codega" from here dialect "Cotega", In fact, many years ago now Via San Rocco leaving from via Asilo just below the "grave" and arrives to cross the street Fountain, It was called via Cotega because he wore the buildings in question. Until a few years ago at the beginning and at the end of Via San Rocco there was still writing "via Cotega" with the finger of one hand drawing indicating the direction of the street.

Cantina Cotega