The cellar of the Mutilated – Viva Colico

  • Cantina del Mutilato

The cellar of the Mutilated "is located in the basement of a building in via Asylum in the Church of San Bernardino to the fountain in the Center Villatico. The winery has always been a family-owned, It is currently owned by Sgheiz Barbara called commonly "Daniela" that he inherited from the mother Cairns Enrica grandson of Caldwell Zaki and in turn son of Cairns Gervaso and Combi Barbara. The name of the winery and the respective restaurant on the ground floor of the building derives from the fact that the great-grandfather of originally Sgheiz Barbara Flat (Valfurva) He lost his right arm during the first world war 1915- 1918, from this unpleasant fact was named the restaurant with annexed cellars below, in fact, it should be noted that the basement cellars are two, a floor and a ceiling with vaulted ceiling. The building in via Asylum was purchased by great-great-Grandma Rodigari Maria (mother of great-grandfather) that moved from Flat (Valfurva) at the end of Villatico 1800, It was later donated to the son in 1920 He added the lounge where today there is the restaurant "of the Mutilated", before that time the restaurant was located above the grocery store. The current trattoria down the staircase behind the bar counter in the basement in question where until the 1970s were kept salami and sausages obtained from the slaughter of pigs. In the adjacent wine cellar is the vaulted ceiling and on the walls there are quaint and traditional "surei" which were used for air circulation necessary for perfect ripening of cheese, in fact, in this beautiful cellar bore the turnaria dairy cheese of Villatico and that produced in the Alpine pastures of Temnasco and Rossa. In a corner of the basement there was a ladder made out to "goose foot" which at the time brought to the premises on the ground floor to directly access the trattoria, currently this passage has been closed. Today the Winery is still fully functional and integrated in every particular, used for the storage of wine and serving bar and grocery store has always been present in the village of Villatico.

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