Cellar Duilia – The Legnonesi theatre company

"Milica" wineries are located in the basement of two sites in buildings via Asylum, in the way that the Church of San Bernardino to the fountain in the Centre and in the proximity of Villatico junction with the via San Rocco.

The wineries are located within two the three different buildings on a private Court by accessed from Asylum Street before crossing the "Tomb", While the via San Rocco can be accessed only on foot via an existing ladder. The winery currently are owned by brothers Fausto and Dario Tibolla residing for some time in Switzerland, they have inherited from mom Baptiste Duilia from which derives the name of the wineries. The buildings were bought by the family of Mrs Milica and her husband Hector in ' 56-' 57 by Mr. Cairns Florio who became owner buying the parts of Caldwell and Mary Josephine, the three brothers Caldwell inherited the property from his father Nicola Caldwell. In building bordering the Asylum Street is the first Winery with adjoining the premises of the press that was obviously used for pressing grapes, entering the court premises there is a Tan and the right wall go down by a ladder in the basement that has been recently renovated and presents itself in all its glory with floor lighting, at the time though was used for seasoning and preservation of cheese; originally in the stable in the, on the left of the premises of the press, There were the stables, the first for the Mule and the second for the admission of 5-6 cows, upper floor there was the barn while on the premises of the local press there was habitation.

The other building is the second cellar, much deeper, the door rendered entrance on Court drops steeply from the ladder,at the bottom left, one enters into a, at the time it was used for storage of wine worked and produced in other place, the Winery is still in an excellent state of preservation;originally on the ground floor of the building in question there was a grocery shop run by parents of Cairns Florio;on the top floors there were rooms where the family dwelling Cairns.

Today the buildings are used as household dwelling desultory Tibolla residing in Switzerland, they were recently refurbished and are presented with the wineries in an excellent state of preservation, the central location and the private courtyard adjacent to buildings make it an enviable location for their onset within the event "Colico in 2014 Cellar"

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