Cellar “Gia’ Gia’ – Esterina”

La cantina "already already – Esterina "is located in via strategic Fontanedo tower with the entrance near the beginning of the alley Mulin and rendered accessible on washtub of Villatico. Entering from Fontanedo at the bottom of the decline is the gateway to the home from which it descends from a scale up in the cellar that is reached at the end of the ramp after passing through a hallway between stone walls, the restaurant is still in perfect condition because it has always been and still is used for Cheese maturing, the meats and wine. The Winery is currently owned by Mazzina Natalia and Fabiana heirs of Vittorio Mazzina, Mazzina Daniela and Stefano heirs of Mazzina Aldo e Marco Mazzina. The brothers Vittorio Mazzina, Aldo and Marco were sons of Baptiste married Esterina Terzito Mazzina, Mazzina Fahim was the daughter of Baptiste Bernardino (Bernardin) said Already. The winery's name derives from the fact that the great-grandfather Baptiste Bernardino (Bernardin) It was said "Already" because sometimes repeated the words that said while "Mafia" derives from the name of the daughter of the "grandmother" of the current Bernardin owners. Aaron was a homemaker who to keep the family slipped by wool and carried on farming with her husband Mazzina Terzito which during the war was in Russia, During this war the Esterina rented rooms to retrieve money that at the time were indispensable, during the time of the war many families of Colico moved uptown to stay safer places from the danger of bombings. Originally the building with the basement consisted of basement (Winery), ground floor (kitchen), 1° floor (room), 2° floor (room) and floor, in decline around the old House there was a vegetable garden and space to breed animals such as goats, the pig and hens; later the building was expanded with the construction of 3° floor and enlargement on the grounds. The cellar borders the cellar "Secrista" and is very suitable for ageing and storing cheese, He is currently still used by families who are the current owners.