Cellar “Latteria”

La cantina "Dairy" is located in via strategic Fontanedo Tower 27 inside a lot of properties bordering on the road and with the old Roggia, artificial channel created to feed the many mills along its course. Originally, before the construction of the current building, the dairy that was located near the Plaza of the Church in the House that was owned by Tarabini. The construction work of the dairy of Villatico began in 1915 After that the 25.04.2015 It was entered into the land purchase Act which were present Maheshwar Rodolfo was Bernardo as part the seller of the land; Moreschi was Antonio Baptist as part of issue water service drive unit the mill (from it "know all about it") which refrigerants for the processing of milk and to operate the "churn" in the dairy building constructed; Caldwell Joseph Victor, Palmer was Innocent Antonio and Giuseppe Bettiga James was representing the dairy of Villatico. In the early years of dairy activity on the ground floor of the building was used for the processing of milk and its derivatives, in the basement the basement and on the first floor there were classrooms of kindergarten Villatico. The property has been renovated over the years 1996-1997, were made some extension works, maintenance and modernization in order to make it accessible for activity, the cellar was kept perfectly intact and efficient in all the years of its long existence. The central entrance and directed by road is the front stairwell that descends to the cellar located under the potion Northeast building. The winery currently is owned by "turnaria Dairy of Villatico" composed of about 70 members of a hundred owners of shares. The name of the Winery is obviously connected to the activity exercised in these years when he sold milk and produced all its derivatives. Later the building was expanded and renovated with the creation of services and all the required regulations for the exercise of the activity. The Winery is currently not used but is still in an excellent state of preservation, ready to receive local cheeses for the usual seasoning.

Cantina Latteria