Cantina Alfonso – Pro Loco Colico

La cantina "Alfonso" is located in the basement of a building in via Fontana, the road from the fountain in the Centre of Villatico climbs towards the via strategic Fontanedo Tower. The Winery is located in the immediate vicinity of an ancient monastery currently under precarious conditions, It is assumed that the cellar was a time in the service of the same monastery; It is accessible from a private courtyard which is reached through an arc that, most likely, It marked with a door the whole monastery properties, by the Court Winery is accessed via an external staircase that descends to the existing basement.

The basement and the upper House were bought by Baptiste Alfonso in 1951 from a "certain" Spini Serafino to be restored summarily, It is currently owned by Armando Branchini that he inherited from Dad Alfonso. Had always intended for the preservation of good wine that the owner produced and preservation of cheese that the same owner retiring from Dairy Turnaria of Villatico, on the landing, half scale, You "drying" the homemade sausages and then were moved to the bottom of the cellar for storage. Currently the Winery is employed by the owner, the room is in good condition, the central location in the village of Villatico and private courtyard adjacent to buildings make it an enviable location for the onset within the event "Colico in 2015 Cellar".

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