Cellar “Secrista”

The wine cellar "Secrista" is currently owned by Mrs. Agretti Lucia. The property has always been owned by his family in people's mom Bettiga Dayananda, all known as Alda, and even before his grandfather Bettiga Giacomo and brother Paul Bettiga (mom's uncle Alda).
The name "Secrista" derives from the fact that Uncle Bettiga Paul said "Paulin" played for more than 60 years (from 1900 Al 1960) the role of Secrista the Church of Villatico ("Mother" Church of the Parish of Colichese), so much so that in 1961 the then parish priest of the Church of Villatico Don Domenico Songini awarded him the gold medal for the noble function of him turning as the parish volontariatoper.
The main task of "Paulin" was to open and close daily the Church, play hand bells, collect the offerings, collaborate and serve the pastor as needed, for the most important things for children. In the cellar there is still the old watermill, a working time thanks to the irrigation ditch which ran through the village of Villatico, It was used to grind flour from around the Colichese territory.
During the early part of the twentieth century in the cellar "Secrista" was also an oven for baking bread. Today the Winery is still in an excellent state of preservation, It is ideal for storage of wine and cheese, Although for its "depth" was mainly used for storage of wine.
Cantina Secrista