Cost of the pass

Local PATH PASS € 14,00

PASS National ROUTE € 14,00

ACCOMPANYING Territory/National PASS € 7,00

Where to buy your pass

Your pass to access the cellars can be purchased in advance at the tourist office in Colico (via Pier 7, opening hours: Monday 16.00/19.00 from Tuesday to Saturday 9.30/12.30 16.00/19.00 Sunday 9.30/12.30 Tel. 338 9920917) or during the days of the event at the store located in villatico church square. Access to the cellar and the purchase of the pass is subject to fulfillment of 18 year old.

Opening hours

The wineries open Saturday 17 June Friday 23 June Saturday 24 June from 18.00 at 24.00

What entitles the purchase of the pass?

With the purchase of the pass can enter seven dinero cellars of the chosen path, and shall be entitled to tasting wine and food pairings. The pass does not include catering service available upon payment within the various wineries.

What is the pass number?

The companion pass is designed for those who don't want to taste the wine; the pass from the right to visit the cellars and tasting food pairing.


For more information contact us at the following e-mail address or by phone at 347/6702636



To access the Cellars you will need the pass that will be delivered with the glass and the door glass, that can be picked up during the days of the event at the store located in piazza della chiesa di Villatico starting at 15.00 di ogni giorno al costo di €14,00 l’accesso in cantina e l’acquisto del pass è subordinato al compimento del 18 year old. The pass has a value for the duration of the event and a tasting cellar (restaurant service excluded). And’ can also buy a pass “escorts” of € 7,00 which entitles access to wineries, but without wine tasting. The winery will open from 18:00 at 24:00.
Possibility of transfer by shuttle bus departing the stand next to the tourist office in via the Jetty from 16:00. When reaching the maximum number of passes, the cases will be closed ahead of schedule. The Organization declines any responsibility for eventual accidents of any nature, that occur during the event.